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m (global user pages (requested by -revi))
__NOINDEX__<div class="mw-content-ltr" lang="en" dir="ltr">[[File:Revi logo (pink).png|thumb|center|<span style="color:red">PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGE HERE!</span>]]
''' <span style="color:red">Before BEFOREblocking YOUmy BLOCKaccount: MYif ACCOUNT:you're IFblocking MYme EDITfor SUMMARYedits INCLUDEwith PREFIXsummaries containing </span>''(Script)''<span style="color:red">, DON'Tjust BLOCKtell ME,me JUSTto TELLslow MEdown TOat SLOW[[:c:User DOWNtalk:-revi]] ATinstead. COMMONSThose are automated script edits for Commons' TALKfilemove PAGEsystem. </span>
Instead, pleasePlease leave your message at one of the following sitesites:<br />
[[File:CommonsWikidata-logo-en.svg|45px|link=commonsd:User talk:Hym411-revi]] [[commonsd:User talk:Hym411-revi]] for renamingWikidata/interwikilinks stuff or(I'm [[User:CommonsDelinker|CommonsDelinker]]one actionof (I amthe {{int:Group-sysop}} there);<br />
<br />
[[File:WikidataCommons-logo-en.svg|45px|link=dcommons:User talk:Hym411-revi]] [[dcommons:User talk:Hym411-revi]] for Wikidatarenaming (Interwikistuff links)or stuff[[User:CommonsDelinker|CommonsDelinker]] actions (I'm amone of the {{int:Group-sysop}} there);<br />
[[File:Wikimedia Community Logo optimized.svg|45px|link=m:User talk:Hym411-revi]] [[meta:User talk:Hym411-revi]] for other stuff (Userlike user right notification,notifications or revert message, etcmessages)...)</div>
<br />
[[File:Commons-logo.svg|45px|link=commons:User talk:Hym411]] [[commons:User talk:Hym411]] for renaming stuff or [[User:CommonsDelinker|CommonsDelinker]] action (I am {{int:Group-sysop}} there)
<br />
[[File:Wikimedia Community Logo optimized.svg|45px|link=m:User talk:Hym411]] [[meta:User talk:Hym411]] for other stuff (User right notification, revert message, etc...)</div>